Stations North

Station North Arts and Entertainment District logotype.
Last week I released live the first iteration of the new Station North A&E website. In their own words, Station North:

seeks to create a vibrant neighborhood where arts, artists and entertainment venues flourish in the midst an economically diverse community with an abundance of healthy residential, retail and commercial offerings

Station North’s Previous website.
Their previous website, from 2007, besides needing a design update, didn’t allow the board to capture all the dynamic and exciting energy happening in the district.

With that idea of dynamism and eclecticism, I created an initial landing page and email template, which was based on the strong typography of the logotype.

Station North Arts and Entertainment Landing Page
Station North Arts and Entertainment Email Blast

After those landing pages, I brought in Jay Roop to help develop page designs based of my information architecture. These designs again built off the very structural nature of the logo, and expanded on the “eclectic” color palette developed for the landing page.

Jay Roop’s Homepage Design
Jay Roop’s Interior Page Design

Unfortunately, the design and development schedule got up-ended to meet a new deadline, co-inciding the launch of the website with the submission of a grant proposal. A few sleepless nights later, I launched the first iteration of the website.

One of the small things I came up with for them is integrating Plancast into the site administration. Plancast is a tool that makes sharing events really easy, which was the basis of the site’s goals. With Plancast, Station North can publish events to their website, facebook and twitter all from one interface.

Station North version 1

I’m excited as Make Things continues to work with Station North on developing the site. We came up with a lot of great ways to make the site relevant and useful to the community, and now that we’ve met our initial deadline, we can get started on the next iteration.