On Making Things

For a long time, Make Things’ online presence was nothing more than a series of holding pages, always promising a “new site” was in the works. Those “new sites” typically became another version of the landing page.

In March, Make Things turned three. In reviewing annual goals, I decided that this year was the year that Make Things got itself together and spent time on looking better. I’ve been graced with great clients and a lot of work, so I put in place some very specific constraints. They included:

  • Iterating something every week
  • Spending only about 6 hours total each week

I thought this would be a really good way to keep momentum building each week, without it taking up too much of the normal production schedule. Some weeks there is big progress, sometimes it’s behind the scenes work. Regardless, you can check back every week, and hopefully you’ll notice something different about the site. You’ll at least have a new blog post each week.

With our blog, I hope to provide a little bit more insight into my processes with projects, a look at some of my favorite design and development technologies, as well as commentary on sites, articles and policies that impact Make Things clients and studio.