Making Things - 451

My new site has been up for three weeks now, and already I’ve fallen behind on my posting and updates. Yesterday I was able to dedicate time to update the site a bit more. The only visible difference is that there is now an RSS feed that you can subscribe to, if you’d like to follow along that way.

Markup Changes

Most of the changes this week were under the hood, trying to optimize and normalize the markup used in the site. Working in six hour sprints is a great constraint, but it doesn’t lend itself to the most thorough or consistent code. I stripped the site back to its output only, then started layering in markup from HTML5Boilerplate and the 320 and Up project.

320 and Up is a great mobile prepared HTML library, making it very easy to create mobile optimized sites. That’s the goal next week, to create a better mobile experience for the site.

Better Javascript Loading

The site is also now using yepnope.js to load in scripts. This script combines the asynchronous loading of lab.js with the really cool ability of being able to test for certain conditions before loading scripts. This is particularly great for loading scripts to target older browsers and increasing their capabilities.

I’ve used lab.js for the past six months or so for loading javascript, and it’s an extremely flexible loading tool. YepNope makes it even more useful, I highly recommend checking it out.

Cutting Edge

I spent a lot of time on Saturday reading all the different best or emerging best practices that are recommended on HTML5 Boilerplate’s “Make It Better” page. Even with all the time I spend writing markup, there were some goodies in there. If you write markup, I highly suggest you check it out.

Total time this week: 8:35. I let myself go over the 6 hour time limit since I hadn’t worked on the site at all the past two weeks.